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Evil Twin Brewing NYC - Team

Evil Twin Brewing was started up ‘nomadically’ in 2010 by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsoe. In 2012 Jeppe decided to move to Brooklyn with his family to further the growth of Evil Twin Brewing. Today the brewery exports to more than 35 countries and around 35 states in the US. Evil Twin Brewing NYC in Queens has been a long time coming & the Evil Twin Brewing NYC team is more than excited to have a home where all can have a place to share a love for great food, drinks, & culture with the Ridgewood community, NYC, & the world!

Evil Twin Brewing NYC is proudly a family-run operation, so, naturally, the desire is to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and at home. A family team is best when it’s a group of individuals who care for each other, communicate, grow, and commit to enjoying the process of creating common values. Evil Twin Brewing NYC is looking for candidates that epitomize these characteristics and desires to learn and grow.

Current open positions

-No open positions at this time. However, feel free to drop a resume and cover letter for any future employment possibilities.


Please include a PDF document with both your resume & cover letter and tell us why you’d make a good fit with the Evil Twin Brewing NYC team!

Please include your name in the filename you are uploading (e.g. sarah-smith-cover-letter.pdf)
Please include your name in the filename you are uploading (e.g. sarah-smith-resume.pdf)